Social Consciousness

Kailasha Foundation - Founded by a group of entrepreneurs & professionals to bring about a transformation & revolution in the current society for the betterment of mankind as a whole.
Towards this, the Founders have established Kailasha Foundation as a non profit & a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) to bring about a revolution in Social Consciousness through Social Engineering, powered by Intelligence.

Vision & Mission

Kailasha Foundation

Kailasha Foundation

Vision & Mission

To bring about a revolution in Social Consciousness towards peaceful, happy integral & intelligent coexistence of all life forms and nature, within and amongst themselves.

Through Social Engineering powered by intelligence, to touch and transform individual lives, as each and every individual put together is the society, in order to bring about a revolution in Social Consciousness. Towards this Social Engineering, create, mobilise, harness, organise and deploy Social Capital including Human Capital, Financial Capital, Intellectual Capital, Technological Capital and Infrastructural Capital.

Key Areas

The Foundation has selected towards discharging its broader vision that include:

Social Awareness

Social Engineering

Social Impact

Social Ecosystems

Social Innovations

social capital

social infrastructure

What We Do?


Social Awareness


The Foundation will undertake various activities that enable & facilitate to bring about and spread necessary awareness amongst all stakeholders. Initiatives including talk shows, cultural events, workshops, camps, summits, conferences and seminars will be periodically rolled out on specific themes and ideas that have an overall impact on people's lives and Social Consciousness. These programs will have unique imprints that will act as a catalyst to bring together like minded people and organisations together on a common platform and shared vision. The Social Awareness initiatives will have deep connect with target audiences and will facilitate to raise necessary Social Capital & Social Infrastructure to create Social Ecosystem that will unleash Social Innovation to undertake Social Engineering to bring about a revolution in Social Consciousness to ensure Wellness through Happiness is attained across societies.

Social Engineering


Social Engineering: Wellness through Happiness

Every human's endeavour is to be happy and it will be absolutely right to state that's the only purpose of life & living. For, without happiness there is no wellness, and without wellness there's is no meaning to life and living however materialistically one maybe placed. Towards this, Kailasha Foundation will work with individuals & organisations across socio-economic & demographic backgrounds to bring about this revolution in each and every aspect through a series of programs, events and workshops. The Foundation, through its own resources and other collaborative partnerships will engineer this Wellness through Happiness initiative.

Social Engineering: Centres of Excellence (COE)

To create the necessary Knowledge base towards engineering this Social Consciousness, Kailasha Foundation proposes to setup varied Centres of Excellence (COE) for creating, enhancing, assimilating and sharing of knowledge in multiple domains and areas that have a direct impact on the broader vision of The Foundation and Nation Building. It proposes to setup COE in the areas of:

• Integral Vedic Sciences & Cultures
• Integral Education & Learning
• Integral Mindfulness & Living
• Integral Leadership & Innovation

The COE aspires to work on cutting edge knowledge and spread awareness on their specific domains by attracting world class human capital and other essential resources. The COE will offer R&D ecosystems across domains that have a direct impact on human life and living. The COE continues to promote Trans & Interdisciplinary learning and Knowledge Management. The COE will integrally work and partner with other institutions, organisations and universities both in the Private and Public sector to enhance knowledge and bring about a fundamental change in thinking to facilitate Wellness through Happiness.

Social Impact

Social Impact: Holistic Healthcare

Kailasha Foundation provides support and guidance to individuals who need medical care and attention, but cannot afford it. The Foundation will carefully scrutinise each and every application and based on the need of the applicant and the availability of funds will provide direct and indirect assistance to the needy. The Foundation works closely with Doctors and other health care professionals & providers to offer assistance. In line with it The Foundation also offers free Counseling and Guidance on varied emotional aspects and well-being through its own internal resources and external professionals. Towards this The Foundation also runs Yoga & Meditation camps at affordable/free charges as the need be. The Foundation conducts and offers support to medical camps.

Social Impact: Educational & Learning

The Foundation provides varied resources to individuals, institutions and organisations to initiate and further the need for knowledge advancement in the society. Through a rigorous screening process, based on “merit Cum means" philosophy, The Foundation offers tuition fees, dresses, educational & learning aides and other essential resources to the deserving candidates. The Foundation also offers resources to institutions towards bettering educational administration & infrastructure. Further, The Foundation closely associates and works with institutions by conducting life skills, Personal Growth Workshops, Faculty Development Programs and Employability Skills Readiness Programs. The Foundation also aspires to work closely with all stakeholders to develop vocational and other skills amongst the youth and poor to enhance their employability and make an impact on their livelihood.

Social Impact: Environmental Care

There will be no wellness if one is not able to preserve, protect and nurture the environment and nature. Towards this, Kailasha Foundation plans to support and collaborate with individuals, professionals and organisations by providing resources and other essential ecosystems by combining and bringing together all stakeholders to ensure we and our future generations have a better and best environment to live and thrive.

Social Impact: Animal Welfare

In ending suffering, happiness begins! In ending the suffering of animals, real suffering ends. And inclusive happiness will be the real way forward, by respecting lives and not differentiating life and lives in any order or hierarchy. Towards this, Kailasha Foundation supports and assists varied individuals and organisations with similar thought processes through multiple ways.

Social Ecosystem

Social Ecosystems: Culture & Heritage

Man has evolved through the maze of cultural & heritage landscapes and changes. Without understanding cultural & heritage background, it’s quite challenging to bring about a revolution in Social Consciousness. Towards this, Kailasha Foundation through its varied thought process and initiatives offers to unravel, enhance and engineer Social Consciousness through Social Engineering by closely associating with aspects and learnings, right from Vedic Culture & Vedanta till modern civilisation as we know today. The Foundation offers continuous meeting of minds & hearts through multiple cultural events, either organising these events directly and/or participating as the need be. By bringing together multiple cultures and heritages and blending them together, creates a Social Ecosystem that knows no barriers and divisions, that separate and divide man from man, meaninglessly competing with each other and living in constant pain and suffering. Through these bringing of hearts and minds together, The Foundation aspires to fill this Social Consciousness with Compassionate Living.

Social Innovation

Identifying, supporting, guiding and facilitating Social Innovation is a key approach towards Social Engineering. Innovation that has a direct impact on the lives of majority of the population, that drives livelihood, generates employment, participates in Nation and capacity building will be the cornerstone towards this Social Engineering. Towards this The Foundation wants to focus its resources for this will end economic dependency among the lesser privileged and promote inclusive growth. Without addressing the fundamental needs, there is no wellness, in line with it, The Foundation will promote necessary Social & Entrepreneurial Infrastructures to ensure we promote a culture of innovation that has the potency to touch and transform human lives at an accelerated pace to bring out more people out of poverty and help towards Nation building. It's not just the role of government, it's the responsibility of each one of us to make the impact.

Social Capital: Your Participation Makes The Difference

To bring about a revolution in Social Consciousness through Social Engineering, Kailasha Foundation brings together all stakeholders and key resources under one developmental and ethical platform. The Founders and The Board of Trustees have immense experience, expertise and enabling resources to bring together the necessary Social Capital towards this journey. The whole journey is not possible without the support of each and every individual who is part of this Social Consciousness.
Towards this, YOUR support is immensely valued, it's a shared vision and a collaborative mission. Through our various initiatives and programs along with necessary support from the Founders & other Trustees, The Foundation raises funds and other resources to meet its mission objectives and larger vision. The vision is obviously an expansive journey, and in this journey your contributions matter a lot, for this is our journey, the journey of mankind, you and me together! Just that Kailasha brings us together!

Yes, YOU can make an impact, YOU are the difference!

To know more about us and how to collaborate and contribute, Write to us at or call us at +91 9688966449

Social Infrastructure

The Foundation understands the need for physical infrastructures and institutions at an appropriate time to enrich and further this journey. The key decision makers continue to explore and work on a comprehensive plan and approach to create the necessary institutional mechanisms and infrastructure to sustainably address the challenges and to make the best impact.

Board of Trustees



S. Krishna

Founder President


C. Jagadesh Chandran

Founder Managing Trustee


S. Surabhi

Founder Secretary


S. Manjula

Founder Treasurer